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Better designed programs for you
Online Availability to sources
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We Are Eager To Give You The Best Education And Style.

Our objective is to imbibe practical application of Jain spiritual principles through academic platform systematically.
On completion of this course, students  –

  • Will be able to independently understand original Jain scriptures
  • Keep Jain value system alive in respective families
  • Can help upliftment of bhavya Jeev (soon to be Siddha)through dissemination of knowledge further in the society

This is a non-commercial activity purely for the dissemination of Jain Tattvagyan.

We focus on all activities that augment understanding of Jain principles directly or indirectly but resources will be confined to knowledge part only.


Join us to actively engage for a quality life

Parmagam Course Batches

Join us for Jain Religion’s detailed knowledge about spiritual subjects by qualified & experienced Teachers through Audio-Visual learning…

Recent Events

We keep organizing Events to promote awareness about our couse programs and its importance to improve quality of life. Annual convention is based on Jain Religion’s current theme.

Upcoming Events

There are several upcoming Events which are related to learning more about Jain Religion. Our participants can avail this platform to Register here for all such Events…